An unprecedented 18 new active ingredients have been added for AgriBase2022

AgriBase, first published in 1995, is the specialty database for identifying opportunities in agrochemicals. It is fully searchable by structure, sub-structure and text, and covers all the major commercial active ingredients and a number of active ingredients in development.

Please note - the first AgriBase licence is £5,400 and each additional licence is £2,700

The data on AgriBase include:-

  • commercial and alternative manufacturing processes
  • key intermediates
  • patents
  • registration
  • marketing data

AgriBase is an intuitive, user-friendly information source which allows data to be exported into Microsoft Word™ files for further analysis.

For more detailed information on AgriBase2022, please download our brochure.

You may request a demo version of AgriBase2022 by emailing us.

AgriBase2022 will assist you to identify opportunities and develop a more profitable agrochemicals business.

This database offers a wealth of information at a very affordable price and is the ideal starting point for identifying opportunities in the agrochemical industry. The best way to understand how AgriBase can help you is to download the demo version and view the brochure. The demo version contains the full data set for 7 major active ingredients – the full database has over 1,200 active ingredients.

AgriBase is used in many ways for a variety of reasons by our client base which includes: intermediate and contract manufacturers, major inventor companies and generic agrochemical companies. EMR offers single and Corporate licence deals.  Please review our licence details before making your purchase.

“Excel Industries Limited has been using Enigma Agribase since 2014. We have found it a helpful tool for getting updated information on various agrochemical molecules. It contains both technical as well as commercial information. It has been very useful to us for identifying new opportunities in the area of agrochemical intermediates”

Pradeep Ghattu, Excel Industries Limited.

“We have been using AgriBase for many years and find it a very useful tool for identifying opportunities in the agrochemical industry”

Austin Bishop, Sr. Vice President, Pharma. Int. & Fine Chem. Kingchem, USA



AgriBase2022 is supplied as a download, complete with ISIS/Draw™. Please complete the Purchase Order in the AgriBase2022 brochure and email it to us. Once your order is confirmed we will email you with the download instructions.

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