EMR is pleased to announce the launch of AgSPC.db, a unique database which identifies Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for agrochemicals. The database was first established in 1997 after the entry in force of the EEC Regulation 1610/96 and 1998 Swiss law.

AgSPC.db has been updated on a monthly basis ever since and is, therefore, a comprehensive record of past, present and future agrochemical SPCs. AgSPC.db covers all 28 EU countries except Cyprus and Malta plus Norway (which is a member of the European Economic Area and therefore under Regulation (EC) No 1610/96) and Switzerland (which has its own National law from 1998). By July 2017, over 2000 agrochemical SPC applications have been made.

Visit our Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) page to download a brochure.