About EMR

About EMR

Discover New Opportunities in the Agrochemical Industry

Enigma Marketing Research (EMR) provides business, market and technical information services targeted at the discovery of new opportunities in the agrochemicals sector.  

Worldwide, there has been strong growth in the demand for agrochemicals due to the need to feed an increasing world population and also to grow crops for bio-fuel. Agrochemicals, or c

rop protection products, which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides improve crop yields enabling more food and bio-fuel to be produced per acre.

EMR’s main product, AgriBase which was launched in 1995, is a fully searchable, intuitive, user-friendly information source for crop protection products and is an ideal starting point to identify opportunities in the agrochemical business. AgriBase data fields cover commercial (including patents), technical and manufacturing process (including synthetic pathways and key intermediates) information for all the major herbicide, insecticide and fungicide active ingredients plus many active ingredients in the development phase. AgriBase also contains product manufacturers, both inventor companies and generic manufacturers.

Over the last 20 years, EMR has published many multi-client reports, including a series on active ingredients which are about to lose patent protection, the latest being New Off Patent/Generic Agrochemicals - post 2015'.

Product Profiles of over 400 major commercial active ingredients are available.

Building on from AgriBase and its many published reports, EMR also provides a consultancy service which assists clients to develop strategies, identify new product opportunities and detect potential M&A candidates.

Dr. Nigel Uttley is the founder and CEO of EMR, his experience in the agrochemical sector is extensive.
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“I have been using AgriBase now since it was launched in 1995 and have found it a very useful tool for identifying opportunities in the agrochemical industry”

Dr Brian Tarbit, Global Technical and Business Development Manager, Chemoxy International