Product Profiles

Product Profiles

Product Profiles

NEW - Product Profiles £150 each

You can now purchase single active ingredient Product Profiles. The data for each profile are extracted from AgriBase and downloaded as a PDF.

Please note - After purchase you will receive a link by email to download your PDF Profile/s.

Download our example profile to view a typical profile content.

The main elements of the profile include:-

  • Synthetic pathway/manufacturing process and key intermediates
  • Names of manufacturers
  • EU and US patent numbers for the active ingredient
  • Major mixture products
  • Major crops
  • Major markets
  • Registration data and web links to registration information
  • Commercial status – generic/proprietary/development
  • Historical background gives commercial information such as when the product was launched, the launch year of novel formulation and mixture products, licencing arrangements, registration applications and approvals etc.


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