About Dr. Nigel Uttley

About Dr. Nigel Uttley

Dr Nigel Uttley - Agrochemical Experience, Biography and Papers Presented

Dr Nigel Uttley
Managing Director EMR

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Academic Achievements:

  • 1st Class Honours and Ph.D in Organic Chemistry, University of Bath 1971-1977.
  • Diploma in Marketing Management, University of South Africa 1980-1982.

Key Industrial Positions

  • 1977-1979: Trainee patent agent Smith Kline & French, UK.
  • 1979-1985: AECI, South Africa.
  • 1985-1991: Commercial Director for MTM Agrochemicals Ltd, UK.
  • 1991-present: Managing Director, Enigma Marketing Research

Agrochemical Experience

  • Commercial Director for a generic and custom manufacturing company.
  • Since 1991 he has specialised in providing marketing and technical information targeted at identifying opportunities in the agrochemical industry at EMR.
  • Created AgriBase which was first published in 1995 and has been updated annually ever since.
  • Specialises in analysing patent literature.
  • Sound knowledge of global registration systems.
  • Author of numerous multi-client reports on the agrochemical industry.
  • Presented numerous papers at international conferences.
  • Chaired many international conferences.

Carried out many single-client projects for large and small agrochemical and chemical organisations.


Recent Papers Presented by Dr Nigel Uttley

Title Venue

Can Chinese Companies Overcome The Barriers to Market Entry?

FCI Business Seminar, August 2015, Shennongjia, Hubei, China

Reflections of the last 30 years of agrochemicals at ChemSpec

Chemspec Europe 24 June 2015, Cologne

Opportunities and Threats in the Agrochemical Industry

Chemspec Europe 12 June 2014, Budapest

“Post-patent Chemistries and Market Opportunities” FCI Trade Summit, 12 December 2013, Istanbul
“Marketing intelligence for the off-patent and generics industry” Crop Protection: Off-Patent Products and Generics 3-4 December 2013, Amsterdam
“Opportunities and Threats in the Global Agrochemical Market” EFCG Crop Protection Forum, 4 June 2013, Munich
"Can Chinese Companies Overcome The Barriers To EU Market Entry?" Avakado Media’s "The AgroChemical Conference 2012", 27 & 28 November 2012, Cambridge, UK.
"Can Chinese Companies Overcome The Barriers To EU Market Entry?" Informa Life Sciences’ Crop Protection: Off Patent Products and Generics, 9 November 2011, Brussels, Belgium
"Opportunities For Post-Patent Protected Agrochemicals In South America" Farm Chemicals International, Trade Summit, 18 August 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Identifying Future Off-patent Agrochemical Products Through A Better Understanding Of Post Patent Defense Strategies" Informa Life Sciences' Crop Protection: Off Patent Products and Generics, 23-24 November 2010, Brussels, Belgium
"Identifying Future Off-Patent/Generic Agrochemicals Products" CCPIA, AgrochemEx 2010, 18-22 October 2010, Shanghai, China
"Opportunities for patent and post-patent protected agrochemicals in Africa" Farm Chemicals International, Trade Summit, 30 April 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa
"Agchems Stellar Growth - Sustainable or Not?" ChemSpec Europe, 16 June 2009, Barcelona, Spain

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